A data driven approach to living your best life

Five time-tested methods that help me stay on track with personal goals, build new habits and enjoy myself in the process.

1. Rating scales

2. Monthly projects

Trying a veggie katsu curry as a part of a plant-based diet experiment during the month themed around Sustainability.

3. Daily check-ins

Daylio offers an option to assign a mood to each day. I don’t find it useful on it’s own, but use it for journaling as and when I want to keep a record of my emotions.

4. Skill building sprints

5. Contactsheet

You may have found some of these ideas mad, but if you read this far, I hope at least some of them resonated with you. I’m constantly refining my methodology and am always on a lookout for fresh ideas and new approaches to life optimisation. Do you have tips for gathering and analysing personal data? Share them in the comments!

UX designer at Make it Clear. Runner. Minimalist. Environmentalist. Rationalist.

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