You may have heard of a user experience (UX) audit and wondered if this is something your company should look into. Or you may have noticed that your website isn’t performing as well as it should and are considering if an audit could help you to locate and fix the problem. Here are my answers to the most common UX Audit questions asked by clients.

What is a UX audit?

Also known as a UX review, this is an in-depth analysis of the usability…

As a UX designer and an avid runner, I took on a personal challenge to enhance the digital experience of Parkrun events.

Leisure has been a status symbol throughout modern history. While the poor worked all hours, the wealthy spent time reading, enjoying art and taking their tortoises for a promenade (fact). Now this paradigm has been reversed, and the time-poor businessmen eagerly turn what little free time they have left into yet more work. But why?

The number of social media users worldwide has been estimated to reach 2.5 billion by early 2018, meaning 1 in 3 people will be connected via one or more social media networks. Better Social is a personal project re-thinking the ways we socialise online.

User Research: Identifying Key Pain Points

Despite the widespread use of social media platforms, not everyone finds the experience entirely satisfying. The benefits of connectivity often outweigh the inconveniences, but the growing frustration with the online networking platforms goes beyond mere usability issues. Regular users are prone to an increased level of stress and social anxiety…

This project was created in response to Artiom Dashinsky’s Product Design Weekly Challenge. It was made over a couple of days as a brainstorming exercise and shows my thinking process, not a polished design product. Previously, I designed an app to aid busy teachers in memorising their students’ names and a tool for helping people to relocate to a new country. Today’s challenge is to design a desktop app dashboard for a general practice doctor.

Bucket lists get a bad name. Outside of a small fan group they are often seen as eccentric whims of spoilt Millenials sipping avocado smoothies on their gap year. Could you be doing your bucket lists wrong and, more importantly, is there a way of doing it right?

Tina Remiz

UX designer at Nationwide Building Society. Runner. Minimalist. Environmentalist. Rationalist.

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